What Has Been Given

What has been given is not what we want, and it has been a bitter road to accept. Since the moment we heard it was cancer again, the cry of my heart has been to just see Jesus in this, to just know that He is here and with me, because I haven’t felt Him near.

What has been given is not what we want, but I also know that far and above what has been given us for this part of our journey, we have been given the gift of grace for every day to accept what comes before us.

And what comes before us?

Surgery looms, but we are grateful that the cancer did not spread into other organs.

Surgery looms, and it will be 3-5 days in the hospital, then recovery, and then…

Chemo again.

Yes. Because of my young age and the nature of the cancer, they will want to treat it aggressively.

I don’t know many details beyond that. I will see my oncologist on Monday to discuss the specifics of treatment.

Surgery is July 18. They are moving quickly.

I am thankful for that. I am thankful for the hope of a full recovery from this horrible disease.

Our road ahead is long and hard.

Our children are fearful and grieving.

We are exhausted and hurting.

But we are bowing in acceptance. This is the road. We will walk it.

We accept and we know He is with us.

Will you pray for eyes to see Him?

15 responses to “What Has Been Given”

  1. Angie,
    My heart grieves for you and your family. My prayers are daily with you all and I pray that strength will come to you and your family; for your Brian, and for your children. I was listening to Matt Redman’s song “No, You Never Let Go” this evening. I thought of all the trials we as Christians go through, and though we may not understand it, we learn (as you say) to accept it. He Will NEVER (EVER!) let go of you and your family, Ang. His grip on you is far stronger than any sickness or health.

    Loving you and praying for you!



  2. Debbie Bennetch Avatar
    Debbie Bennetch

    I am thankful and grieving at the same time. You will be in our prayers/

    Love, Debbie


  3. Oh yes, I will pray… For glimpses of the sacred – moment by moment.

    I have no doubt, my far away friend, that our Heavenly Father arranged for our divine intersection. Perhaps for such a time as this… so that I may have the rare and treasured gift to pray for you and to beseech our sole Physician to intervene on your behalf.

    Oh friend… the miles remain, but my heart is not far.



  4. Praying we will see and feel Jesus and that He will be near to you on this road.


  5. Oh Angie,
    You have been on my mind a lot today and it breaks my heart to know you guys must travel this road again. I am so very sorry. Praying for eyes to see Him.


  6. Carol Crabtree Avatar
    Carol Crabtree

    Oh, sweet, sweet friend; we are lifting you up continuously before our Father in heaven. We love your precious family and be assured, we will be faithful in heartfelt and sincere prayer for all. I know the Lord’s love for you is perfect and He will be with you every step of the way. And when you are afraid, remember, that Jesus, our High priest, IS familiar with our sufferings, and He understands every ache of our hearts. Praying for God to be merciful, and to provide you with strength beyond what you would ever imagine for this journey. Love to you!


  7. Be assured of our prayers for you all. Much love!!!


  8. Angie, I know this is hard for you and all of your family including your Mom and Dad. We will be praying for ALL of you. I cannot even imagine and your posts are a praise and testimony of god’s love and grace.

    Prayers & Hugs
    Dedie Gruver


  9. Praying and grieving and thinking about you dear Angie. I love you and your sweet sweet family. You are heavy on my heart and my mind.


  10. Oh, Angie! I was so praying that you would not have to have the chemo! Praying without ceasing for you and your dear family, especially the kids! I know how anxious Avery is just about my upcoming surgery, so I can imagine how it must be for them, having had to go through this before. You are in our hearts and prayers! Hugs!


  11. My precious Angie and family,

    Who can pray for us more then He does. We are in His prayers continually. He is ever interceding for us before the Father. Your life is in His hands. Looking unto Christ the author and finisher of our faith.

    Love and blessings,


  12. May the Lord give you and your family the desires of your heart. We will pray you all feel the supernatural peace of our loving Father and Precious Lord all around as you walk this hard road with Him by your side. We are so thankful the cancer has not spread and will praise and pray daily for you all.


  13. Praying. Wishing there were words to say.


  14. You know I’m praying, too. Praying for peace in your hearts, praying for healing, praying for your eyes to see.


  15. Dear Angie,
    You replied to my comment in one of the blogs “how can we pray for you”, that’s how i came to know your blog, I am praying for you, may the Lord comfort you and heal you.


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