Still Not Enough

The cooler sat on our front porch with a note… our Sunday dinner delivered by a friend. As I pulled off the lid and began to lift food out, the tears fell freely. It seemed I would never stop reaching in and pulling more out. All this food, such a blessing…

And not just today. Four days a week there is someone at our door bringing piles of food, enough that we have leftovers twice a week.

Then there’s the mailbox. Every day there’s a new letter, a word of encouragement in our fight, a picture drawn by the hand of a budding artist, a gift card for music or books or more food.

The knocks at the door… brown paper packages sealed with cellophane tape. Gifts for us. Or flowers delivered.

Concert tickets for us to double date with friends.

The piles of paper products on our front porch. The visits from friends bearing Starbucks or Chik-fil-A or Mr. J’s or just baring their hearts and allowing me to do the same.

The flowers planted and weeds pulled and garden harvested and house cleaned and errands run.

The play dates for our children, giving them the summer I could not. A summer full of bike rides and river play and nature walks and library runs.

Then there’s the Facebook posts and emails and messages and voicemails.

And there are the prayers. Countless prayers.

In all of this, I’m sure there is something I’ve still missed.

How do I even say “thank you”? Where do I begin? How do I even express?

If I filled my blog with words of thanks… if I spilled my eyes with tears until God calls me home… if I wrote notes to every person, pouring words from ink until my fingers bleed..if I said the words in person to each of you, it still would not be enough.

You have given to us so freely. So much more than we need.

We are humbled.

We are grateful.

We are loved.

Of that we are certain.

And I whisper huskily to all of you, bowing my head through tears, “Thank you.”

4 responses to “Still Not Enough”

  1. Ang,
    As I read this, I am reminded of the many blessings that your parents and ytou showed me while growing up and dealing with physical ailments and surgeries! I can still taste your Mom’s speghetti. (Which stared my love for it!); I remember that bear and homemade doll made for me; and the homemade cards you gave me! So joyful with you for the blessings God provides! I think of you everyday and pray for you and your family. I pray your mending will continue and that you will be able to have a good time with another couple when you go to the concert…..let me know if you need a babysitter because I am there for you and your family! Love you!



  2. Allison Trotter Avatar
    Allison Trotter

    I read everyone of your posts not just to know how to pray for you but because I absolutely love your writing. You have a true gift with the written word and I hope one day you are given the opportunity to touch millions with it!


  3. We are called to be the feet and hands of God and you Angie and your family are being touched by God through the many kind deeds, acts of kindness, food, gifts, coffee =)…flowers, cards, loving words, hugs, shared tears, weeded flower beds, etc., etc., and God is glorified in all of this! We all continue to pray for you and yours. Loving you from the Great Northwest~


  4. You’re more than welcome. And I think I can speak for many when I say I wish I could do more. Take any of your worry away, some of the pain, give u some of your summer back…anything more than what I can tangibly do. If u need anything…please I’m just a phone call away! love u muchly


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