And so it begins…

Mommy? You wear jeans a lot, don’t you?

I do, honey bunches of redheadedness, Why?

Well. Perhaps you should consider wearing more skirts and different pants, you know, so you look nicer.

She’s five, y’all. What will she say when she’s fifteen?

3 responses to “And so it begins…”

  1. Quite the fashionista! When she’s 15, she’ll probably be walking 10 feet in front or behind you. Nah…she is too sweet…don’t think that would ever happen. PS: I wear jeans all the time too. I think they look quite stylish but what do I know. I’m “old” according to my 6 y.o.


  2. Sweetie,

    That’s our little Audrey. She is just a doll, just like her Mommy. xoxox


  3. That’s hilarious. Hey at least she didn’t refer to “mom jeans.” Have you ever seen the SNL skit? Cracks me up everytime!


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