Joys are Coming

“Joys are always on the way to us.
They are always traveling to us through the darkness of the night.
There is never a night when they are not coming.”
(~Amy Carmichael)

Joys are coming.

I am clinging to this these days. My heart is spinning faster than my head, and it seems at every doctor’s appointment my head is spinning more and more. I’ve had appointments for genetic testing, eye ulcers, follow-ups, blood work, physical therapy, CAT scans and now two more tests loom, and I’m tired.

The weariness of it all has enveloped me, and honestly, y’all, I feel like David says in the psalms that the darkness has covered me. I must whisper truth to myself through the nights and scream it through the days.

Here are a few things I find myself preaching to myself:

I don’t have cancer! Not right now. Be thankful.

The genetic tests showed that my cancers are NOT genetic. This is huge. Be thankful.

My eye ulcers have healed and along the way, I found a new eye doctor that I really like. Be thankful.

Healing is a miracle, whether it’s a hangnail or a surgery. Have you ever thought about that? How miraculous our bodies are? How God created and wired us to heal? How often I take it for granted.

Each healed hangnail is a miracle. Be thankful.

I have doctors that care about me for who I am. They call each other on the phone and figure out what’s best for me. They aren’t afraid to refer me to another doctor who might know better. They check up on me. And they pray for me. Think about that last one.

My doctors pray. for. me. Be thankful.

We have technology that allows doctors to look inside my body and find out what’s really going on. That’s amazing to me. That God has gifted men and women with the minds, abilities and technology to light up my insides and see why I’m in pain. Be thankful.

And what is going on?

The recent CAT scan was inconclusive. There is a thickness around the surgical site that he wants to see better to see if it’s still swollen from surgery, if it’s just because of where the colon bends, or if there’s something wrong with the incision needing another surgery for a fix.

There is also a lymph node sitting next to the colon they want to check out. It’s not swollen. It’s not alarming. It’s just there. But because of where it’s located, he wants to light me up and see if it’s cancerous.

So next week will be long and brutal with three days of liquid diet and IV’s and nasty stuff to drink, and y’all, as brutal as all that will be on my body, my fears have already been brutal on my soul since we scheduled all this 3 days ago.

I’m tired.

So very tired.

But I’m trusting.

I have to.

In the darkness of this night, I am choosing joy. It doesn’t always show up in happiness. My body is tired, my brain is overloaded, my heart is frustrated, my soul is lonely… but there is still joy.

Because no matter what these scans show. No matter what I am walking through… joy is ALWAYS coming.

This means I can be thankful.

And have hope. Hope that does not disappoint.

And as Mr. Beaver says in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, There’s a right bit more than hope. Aslan… is on the move.


Joy is coming. Full joy.

5 responses to “Joys are Coming”

  1. I’m praying for you too, angie. I know you are tired. I wish I could say something better than “I’m praying for you.” I’m here if you need an ear to bend, okay?


  2. Hey Angie – I know you’re tired all the way through. Keep your head-up, though, There’s so much love around to sustain you through the hard times.


  3. Much like Kristen said, I wish I had comforting words, but I can only offer my prayers.

    I know my darkness is nothing compared to yours these days, but I also know that knowing others are offering prayers on my behalf is sometimes the only thing that cuts through the darkness. Praying for you in hopes that you see the light cutting through.


  4. My precious Angie,

    The joy that you are counting is producing in you endurance, and when endurance has its work you will be perfect, complete, lacking nothing. What a promise and all the promises are yes and amen in Him.

    To God be the glory,


  5. Somehow I have missed the intensity of this latest road of your journey you are on?… I have been faithfully praying, but not with these specific details. No more!

    Now moving forward with these things in mind. Praying with new intensity and focus… for YOU!


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