“Bid My Anxious Fears Subside”

I love that God doesn’t beat us up when we are weak and afraid. I love that He allows us to be human. I love that He guides us, He hears us, He holds us, He feeds us, He fills us. He comes to us in the still, small voice of assurance that He knows us and knows our name. He brings others to walk alongside us and love us and care for us. He bids our anxious fears subside, because He knows life and death can be scary. He leads us and delivers us.

The kids and I prayed this morning, asking God to comfort and heal and work miracles in the lives of friends (so many are hurting), and praising God that He is our Savior, our Deliverer. Then we turned up this song (Bella’s “exactly favorite worship song”) loud while we brushed teeth and braided hair and packed backpacks and sang together in our noisy assurance that we will land safe on Canaan’s side.

When I look at the past and the scars it holds… when I look at today, at my body and soul and all the scars I see and feel… when I think about the future and the scars it could hold, it is hard.

But then I look at the scars of my Savior.

And I see…

His scars hold mine.

I am okay. I am. Really.

Thank you for your love and prayers.

Live life today, friends.

Because what happens matters.

4 responses to ““Bid My Anxious Fears Subside””

  1. Carol Crabtree Avatar
    Carol Crabtree

    Precious Angie,
    I love you. I will be praying fervently for you-and spending time with my family lifting you and Brian and the children before our tender, loving Savior. Thank you for sharing these intimate details of your life, for although we grieve with you for all your sufferings, we also rejoice with you as we see God work and heal. And YOUR honesty refreshes us as we struggle with the same struggles, and see you share how you turn to the faithfulness of God, over and over again. God is using you Angie, bleh, bleh, bleh….yes people say that to others who suffer far too quickly sometimes. But, I can say to you in a specific way, God IS using you, to change much in my life, and my spiritual life. And I know that is true of others. So again, keep sharing your life, and your heart thoughts in the hard times and the good times.


  2. It is well with my soul even though I cling to my anxious fears! Crazy and glorious – beyond my understanding. Oh Jesus please change my sight to see you more clearly!! Take my little faith and move everything out of the way of me coming to you fully and use everything to bring me to you fully.


  3. My precious Angie,

    May His grace, mercy and peace abound to you in fullest measure. The journey of faith has many places to overcome, but we are more than overcomers through Christ who loved us and gave Himself for us. And who is he that overcomes, but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God, even his faith. WE will overcome all of our fears.

    Love and blessings,


  4. I think we need to remind ourselves of this every once and awhile. We are okay everything is good. God is good. All the time


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