And summer begins…

It has been here a week, and I chant our summer mantra…

The only option as I see it, is this delicate weaving of action and celebration, of intention and expectation. Let’s act, read, protest, protect, picket, learn, advocate for, fight against, but let’s be careful that in the midst of all that accomplishing and organizing, we don’t bulldoze over a world that’s teeming with beauty and hope and redemption all around us and in the meantime. Before the wars are over, before the cures are found, before the wrongs are righted, Today, humble Today, presents itself to us with all the ceremony and bling of a glittering diamond ring. “Wear me, ” it says, “Wear me out. Love me, dive into me, discover me,” it pleads with us.
(~from Shauna Niequist’s “Cold Tangerines”)

Late nights and sleeping in have started, ice cream cones have been licked, our celebration dinner at Dave’s has been eaten, floors are staining brown from dirty bare feet dancing across them, piles of Legos cover the playroom floor, knees have been skinned, bugs have bitten, farmer’s tans have begun, the library books are being read, the sprinkler has been sprinkling… and it’s only been a week!

We are working hard to live and not be lazy yet to enjoy life and not work too much.

We are figuring out how to spend our days with necessary structure but not so much that we are stifled.

We are learning what love looks like in the every day moments together.

We are laughing and crying and hugging and fighting and forgiving and teaching and praying and reading and writing and baking and celebrating and living.

Our already full hearts are expanding to fill up with more of each other… more of us as we wear each day out.

Each day beckons to dive in, discover, love and live!

This year I created a summer basket full of fun things for our summer adventures (and my amazing friend, Caitlin, shopped for me while I nursed my sick Bella girl). The children loved it!

Our summer list is ready.

And so are we!

One response to “And summer begins…”

  1. That basket looks awesome! Your summer sounds amazing and as I started to tuck the idea of a summer list away into my ‘someday I hope to…’ pile, I realized why not start now? So tonight The Man and I will be making our list for this summer!


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