And the News…

…is good.

I heard from my geneticist at UVA today, and I cannot tell you what a sobbing mess I’ve been whenever I think about the negative test results.

And in this case, negative is GOOD.

I do not have Li-Fraumeni Syndrome (my children might think I still have You’re a Meanie Syndrome though), which also means my children don’t have it. And my knees are weak just typing this…

All I could think about the whole time she was talking to me today was my Ash. He doesn’t have to be tested (the little two had a few years before testing was an option). Relief is an understatement.

We are so thankful, so very thankful.

As for what this means for the future?

They are going to have a meeting about me in the coming weeks to determine what course to follow. When I was there last month, they stored some of my blood so they could do more genetic testing if needed. They plan to research what is best to test for and then they will clear it with us and move forward. So we are still in a bit of uncertainty.

But of one thing we are certain: I do not have Li-Fraumeni Syndrome.

And for today… that is enough.

Thank y’all for praying. We are grateful for your love, and we are grateful that God chose to answer “yes” to our pleas. More than that, we are thankful that no matter what the result might have been, our God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

7 responses to “And the News…”

  1. PRAISE THE LORD!!! I am so Happy for you and your beautiful family! You are an inspiration to all of us and thank you for allowing us into your most private journey. We LOVE YOU! ❤


  2. We are so thankful and happy for this news!!! Love you guys!


  3. My far awar friend…so very grateful for this good news. Your story remains inter woven in my heart.

    I can only say…amen and amen.

    Smiling today…


  4. Rejoicing with you, and yes, so thankful that God to answer “yes” to the many pleas reaching Him on your behalf.


  5. My precious Angie,

    I rejoice with you in this wonderful report. God is faithful. I watch His glorious grace as He takes us through this trials. I am so grateful to Him for attending unto our prayers.

    God bless you my dear one.
    Love and blessings,


  6. I still read your blog and pray for you regularly even though I do not comment. So glad to hear such good news and so appreciate your updates.


  7. Happy to hear the good news!


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