Sweet Reminders

This past weekend we were at the beach for Labor Day and a weekend away as a family. Brian has been traveling a lot lately, and his work schedule really won’t slow down until the middle of November, so we are grasping every moment we can.

It was a delightful getaway full of delicious foods on oceanfront patios, long walks on the boardwalk, family tag in the pool, waves crashing over us as we rode boogie boards, ice cream treats, sweet music, and just being together. (It also included a 6 1/2 hour drive down instead of 4, renting a surrey to bike the boardwalk and finding it had a broken steering column, and a sick child in the middle of the night, but those stories are for another time.)

As I spent time watching my children play, I was struck by how easily and quickly they meet people. Bella girl would walk up to other children on the beach and ask if they wanted to play with her and build sand castles, then she would come running excited to tell me about her new friend. She found every baby in the pool and would chat with the parents and tell them all about how much she loved babies and how cute their baby was. The boys found friends to jump the waves and race together. One friend even had his mom call our room to invite Ash to join him for a movie.

I watch Bri. He is the same way. He so easily talks to and greets people. He has no pretense, no clique, and few expectations. He just is who he is and asks the same of others. If he sees something that interests him, he’ll stop and ask about it. He’ll laugh with others and he’ll sit with others no matter where they are.

I love this about my family.

It is beautiful and convicting and a sweet reminder of what I am called to be—winsome and kind, friendly to others, and reaching out to those around me building relationship so I might show them that Christ is more than a concept, he’s my defining reality.

Have I ever mentioned how gloriously thankful I am for my family? They teach me every day.

Lord, thank you for weekends away—for togetherness, for laughter, for splashing and dunking and chasing, for quesadillas by the pool and full moons over the ocean. Thank you for teaching me through my husband, my children. They are such gifts and I take them for granted far too often. Thank you, most of all, that because Christ is safety, I am able to take huge risks for you. Would you give me the opportunity to love others as I see my family do–with great joy and abandon?

One response to “Sweet Reminders”

  1. My precious one,

    I praise God with you that you have these wonderful moments of experiencing His grace. Your prayer is an aroma of Christ to God. God bless you and your precious family.

    Love and blessings,


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