Saying “Good-Bye”

We don’t know the reason God allows evil and suffering to continue, or why it is so random, but now at least we know what the reason isn’t—what it can’t be. It can’t be that he doesn’t love us! It can’t be that he doesn’t care. He is so committed to our ultimate happiness that he was willing to plunge into the greatest depths of suffering himself. (~Tim Keller)

In my life, I have only had two all-nighters.

Neither one was in college.

Both were with my friend, Kim, and her husband.

Bri and I chaperoned a local high school prom with them and then went to Waffle House at 4:00 in the morning.

And in the year 2000, when the Bush/Gore election was happening, we stayed at Kim and Calvin’s house all night long watching the election news and finally went to… you guessed it… Waffle House for breakfast at about 4:00 in the morning.

Yesterday was another election day. Twelve years later. I voted, then a friend and I drove 2 hours to sit by Kim’s side as she lives her last days in a losing battle with cancer. She was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago with Stage !V breast cancer.

I sat in her bed next to her, stroked her hair, held her hand and watched her breathe. We sang hymns over her and talked about memories so she could hear. We shared our love with her and then said, “Good-bye”. It is the hardest good-bye I have ever experienced.

In his most recent update (today), Calvin said that Kim is not long for this world. She may go home at any time…

It is heartbreaking.

A while ago Kim sent me a link to this blog post. I think it sums up Kim’s heart so well. She trusted Jesus implicitly and has been an amazing example to me and to so many. I am amazed at how many people’s lives she has touched and will continue to touch.

Would you pray, my bloggy friends? Pray for this dear family. They have two young sons who are losing their mom. The night she learned that she would go on hospice care, Kim called me from the hospital and begged me to pray for her family. So I am begging you, too.

Would you pray for Calvin as he faces life without Kim? For the boys? For their parents and his siblings? Would you pray that these last few moments would be filled with peace and that Kim would be keenly aware of the love of her family surrounding her and the glory that awaits her? And would you pray for those grieving? There are many of us who knew and loved her.

I am humbled, friends… humbled that God would allow me such a sweet friendship with Kim and humbled that He would give me y’all. The love y’all show me here in this little space blesses me.

Thank you.

6 responses to “Saying “Good-Bye””

  1. Chanley Chandler Avatar
    Chanley Chandler

    This breaks my heart! Yes, I will most definitely pray for her and her family!!


  2. Prayers will continue for this dear family!


  3. Praying for Kim and her family-you too!


  4. Kim’s life has touched all ours at the school. We are praying hard as she makes the transition into Life. Thanks for this beautiful post honoring her, Angie.


  5. I know this wasn’t easy to write, but I’m glad you did.


  6. My far away friend,

    On a quiet Colorado morning, as the dawn breaks, I am asking our Comforter, our Only Savior to embrace …



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