Believing: Day 6

In HIS star…

Silently the night comes.
The cool of evening chills my frame
As I gaze at the stars;
Each appearing, effervescing,
Shining–at first dimly
Now dazzling brightly in its brilliance.
My mind and heart are full
Memories invade my reverie…

I remember those chords
Sung as fairy’s melody–
Wishing upon a star
Grants you anything you dream.
Find that first evening star,
Search as the twilight deepens
For that glimmer of light–
One hope in a universe of stars.

But for what can I wish
That I do not already have?
Life for all eternity,
Peace and joy for all my days,
The love of a Savior.
This God has given in mercy
To a sinner such as I am–
So undeserving, now so thankful.

Long ago a multitude shone.
Stars filled the heavens; yet one was brighter…
A burning light in eastern skies
Announcing for the world, “A Savior!
The Christ! The King is born!”
Wise men followed, as I today follow.
All I need is Christ. Christ I have.
The hope in a universe of stars.

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