Living Well

First all, may I say how overwhelmed I am?

I was inundated with texts and messages and emails and love yesterday, and at first I wanted to kind of cringe thinking that was not my intent in writing… I wasn’t trying to solicit support. But the truth of the matter is this: I know my heart’s motive, and you read my words and acted on them. And you overwhelmed me with love.

My appointment went very well yesterday. My doctor is amazing, and I am grateful. She found nothing of concern, and I am grateful. In the next few days I will schedule one of my routine procedures, and I also need to schedule outpatient surgery to have my port-a-cath replaced. Neither one is fun. Both are necessary. Both will set my mind and heart at ease, and I am grateful.

She did find that my white blood cell counts are low, or rather lower than my normal low, so I must be extra careful about exposure to sickness. My immune system just hasn’t recovered from all I have been through the past years. I am also waiting on blood work results to see if I need another iron infusion. I should know today. The truth of the matter though is I am feeling better physically than I have felt in years, and I am grateful.

All in all, it was a two thumbs up appointment, and my oncologist patiently tended to my weepiness and reassured me that all looks good, and I am grateful.

And almost every time I turned around yesterday, my phone was chirping or ringing or buzzing… full of love from you.

And I am grateful.

John Bunyan said, “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

Well, y’all lived well yesterday.

6 responses to “Living Well”

  1. It’s posts like these, Angie, that are really why you’re such an inspiration. Not just because you survive hard things and make survival a work of joy and beauty, which you do, but because along the way you’re ALWAYS teaching the rest of us how to steep ourselves in the love already around us. It’s never just “if I can do it, so can you”; it’s always “here’s how I did it today,” and always with a sharing of the credit, so we feel like we’re already doing what we’re learning to do. If you ever decided, once your kidlets are bigger, to take on classrooms full of other people’s, you’d be incredible at it.


  2. This makes me sad that I didn’t chirp, ring, or buzz… But, I am so thankful for the good report and, most especially, that you are feeling well. Asking God to multiply those white blood cell counts.


  3. I am so glad, Angie. So, so glad. You are an incredibly beautiful soul.


  4. So glad to read this! You sharing your story, your faith, and your wisdom with us is more repayment than I deserve, it is a privilege to pray for you!


  5. My dear dear one,

    Thanks be to God for His faithfulness. Faithfulness that is new every morning and every evening, new mercies we see.

    May His grace abound to you this day.

    Love and blessings,


  6. It is SO good to know you are doing well Angie! Thank you for dropping by and encouraging me! You continue to share in a honest, beautiful way that glorifies our Lord!


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