Finding Mercy in Job

God could have left Job alone. He could have said, “Have your bickering wife. Have your ten wayward children. Have your safe little world. Have your little bubble.” But the Lord said, “Job, I love you too much to leave you to yourself. I love you too much to leave you to the smallness of what you know.”

If you have five minutes, you won’t regret spending them watching this (it wouldn’t embed, so just click the link).

The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. Job 1:21

God Could Have Left Job Alone

(Thank you, Todd, for posting this on my Facebook wall.)

2 responses to “Finding Mercy in Job”

  1. When it comes to God, my heart resonates with part of a Bill Cosby monologue: “come here, come here, come here…no…get away, get away, get away”. I so desperately want Him and yet I am fearful. The whole “He’s not safe, but He’s good” tension.


    1. The earthly implications are often hard…may God change my focus to heavenly ones.


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