Just an Ordinary Day

Tonight I am curled up on my yellow couch. It used to be my friend, Monica’s, and we bought it when her family downsized. I am covered in my “cancer quilt” full of amazing squares created by friends I love and who encouraged me faithfully during my chemo and radiation. I am awaiting the arrival of friends with our dinner, and they are staying to eat with us. The fire is burning and my Bear and Bella have taken turns practicing piano. It’s the only Christmas music I’ll allow in our home until the day after Thanksgiving. I am certain it’s because of my Pappy that I do this. It’s one of our traditions, and I’m a stickler for tradition for the holidays.

“Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays…” she is singing while she plays and her little voice is so sweet.

My Ash is playing some Madden on the Wii and listening to LeCrae on iPod. Every now and then I’ll hear him chant, “Waste my life? No. I gotta make it count.” He is wearing shorts and I am freezing. This is the story of my life.

I am recovering well from the surgery, although I am still impatient and want to be farther along than I am. I even went to work for a few hours yesterday… one hour too many perhaps. I slept for three hours when I got home, but it felt wonderful to be out and about. (Side note: if y’all see any mistakes in the PowerPoint for worship on Sunday morning, just shake your head and chalk it up to my percocet-induced state of mind. Oh, I kid. I wouldn’t take percocet and drive.. or work. I’m just trying to be funny, and it’s falling horribly flat.)

My parents stayed with us until last night and they are treasures. Amazing treasures. My mom keeps this house running smoothly, and Daddy plays with the kiddos and brought me flowers. The first night after my surgery they got the kids in bed and then checked in on me, and there we were, Brian in the desk chair, Mom on the foot of my bed and Daddy in the rocker by the window and the four of us talked for a couple hours. I am so thankful for them.

Tomorrow I will have a busy day. I will work for a few hours and go to Bella’s school for her class medieval feast. We will have a quiet night at home together, the five of us, and we will play a few games and just enjoy some normalcy.

It feels good.

All of this.

This reminder of friendship that covers me. These parents that rearrange their lives to make mine better. This music and the food and the warmth of home.

This healing.

Thank you… your prayers, your words of encouragement, your love.

I am reveling in blessings.

2 responses to “Just an Ordinary Day”

  1. Your life, right now — that entire picture you painted — sounds just so perfect. Glad you are covered in grace, my friend. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  2. My dear dear one,

    Thanks be to God for His grace. Grace that is sufficient for everything that we face. May His grace abound to you in fullest measure. Me He direct our hearts into the love of God and into the steadfastness of Christ.

    Love and blessings,


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