These Are Written

“Morning may bring a brand new pain,
With sufferings I’m afraid to face.
Confronted by things I cannot change,
I’ll remember how Jesus calmed the crashing waves…
These are written so, you may believe,
And that by believing you may have life in His name.”

These Are Written

Thank you, Zach, for sharing this with me today. I wept through it and walked away with a stronger sense of peace than I have had in days. I’m sharing it with you and pray you’re blessed, too.

It made me think of what I wrote in 2008…

Have you ever thought about that day? Wept in anticipation? Dreamt of that moment when you are in His presence?

I often picture what it must be like–every sense heightened by perfection. Breathe in the sweet aroma of Christ with me. Feel the heartbeat under His chest and think of yours, sinless. Laugh with Him as your body moves pain free forever. Look down at your robes, spotless white. Hear His voice saying your name, a name He loves. Imagine the look in His eyes when he sees you–old friends finally reuniting, because you have known each other for all these years.

Imagine with me for a minute how it will feel when the most powerful arms in the universe embrace you. Those arms will be wonderfully familiar, because those are the arms that are holding you now. No pain, no cancer, no accident, no emotion, no lie, no heartache, no broken dream, no death, no person, no sin can steal that from you. His arms are there and they always will be.

If you would like another great blog to read, check out Zach’s blog, Newsong. His writing moves me, convicts me, encourages me, and makes me think–something I love to do.

One response to “These Are Written”

  1. My precious Angie,

    Praise be to God for His grace, grace that is sufficient and grace so divine. May this grace fill you with His presence in abundance.

    Have a wonderful Christmas my dear one.

    I Love you dearly,


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