A Rich Life

You don’t have to be rich to live a rich life. (~Charlie Gerr)

Last night was a hard night. Chaos. Bickering. Tears. Forgiveness. Prayers. Peace.

This morning I stood at the side window and watched as they all piled into Bri’s big ol’ truck. Cooper Dooper stood impatiently waiting next to Bri, ready to jump into his spot in the back (unaware of the doom that awaits him today at the vet). I heard their chatter through the window, their laughter. I watched their faces light up as Coop perched on the seat between Bear and Bella. They waved and signed, “I love you.” until the truck was out of sight. Our morning ritual.

I wiped tear after tear, and all I could think was, “Look at them. This is my family.”









My family.

I love them so much.

That is all.

2 responses to “A Rich Life”

  1. Betty Anne Schlegel Avatar
    Betty Anne Schlegel

    Hold them close. You are precious to them, too. May God give you more strength to handle the pain and more joy to handle the sorrow you feel. Sending love and prayers, Aunt BA


  2. You have such a beautiful family, indeed you are blessed. May the Lord continue to be your grace,peace, strength and comfort as you walk in this difficult journey that you are in.
    Jehovah Jirah, please provide for my new friend Angie(and family) and their every need. Thank you, Jehovah Shalom for your peace that passes all understanding and guards our hearts in Christ Jesus.


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