PET Update

Time for yet another update.

My oncologist called this evening with the PET results. Here’s what she said:

All the lymph nodes they are following in my neck and the one next to my liver look better than on my last PET.

There is a new area in my abdomen, but it’s not showing very “hot.” It is a plaque-like tissue and the radiologist thinks it’s inflammation and scarring from surgery. They can’t say for sure. If it continues to show up in future scans, they may end up biopsying it to see just what it is.

But basically nothing clearly has progressed.

And… this is huge, friends. There is nothing on the bones.

I kind of melted away into a puddle of tears on that news.

My tumor markers are still rising, so she thinks the chemo I was on was beginning to lose its power. She is going to start me on a new chemo on Monday and we will go from there. I am praying this new chemo is “the one” that kicks this cancer into remission for a very long time.

I have spent the last few days not feeling well with migraines and not sleeping well with insomnia. I have wrestled with God and begged Him for my life here with the loves He has given me. I am grateful for this news. I am exhausted and relieved and drained and pretty much a weepy mess. I have read each one of your comments on my blogs and on Facebook and cried at the care y’all give, the love you show.

Y’all are so faithful to read and encourage and love and pray. It is truly overwhelming to be loved so much.

We are all humbled and grateful for you.

Thank you for walking through the fire with us.

4 responses to “PET Update”

  1. So, so, so thankful and relieved to hear these results, Angie! May God continue to be merciful and the Healer of your body and uplifter of your spirit. Thankful that He is able and faithful and will do all He’s willed and planned for your life, and those of your loved ones!
    Loving you,


  2. My precious Angie,

    I weep with you in your joy for this news. Praise be to God for His faithfulness and for the loving Father that has chosen us for eternal life.

    May He open the eyes of our understanding that we may know to this hope that we have been called.

    Love and Blessings,


  3. I’m sending thoughts and prayers…You are a brave warrior in this battle. Thank you for sharing your faith…it is you who is helping us.💜


  4. Loving you from here!!!! And reminding Jesus what we want and what you need, as we understand it.


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