Love Story to the End

It has been one year since they passed away. One week apart. Pappy this past Saturday and Nanny this coming Saturday.

My uncle sat beside my Pappy’s bed and held his hand and shared with us about the peace in Pappy’s eyes before he went home to Jesus. One week later we learned of some of Nanny’s final words. “I just want to go be with Vinnie.”

Friends for over 80 years. Married for over 70. It was not an easy life that they shared, but it was a love story until the end.

We stood in the rain on Saturday and told them how we missed them.

So much.

So very much.


2 responses to “Love Story to the End”

  1. melissa moslow Avatar
    melissa moslow

    What a beautiful tribute.
    My parents just celebrated their 70th anniversary. Daddy will be 91 in November and Mama 89 in December. They were children in The Great Depression and newlyweds in WWIIs final months. They too are in love and devoted now and very reluctant to “leave” each other as they anticipate the death that will separate them. I expect their home goings will be briefly separated if sheer will has anything to do with it. The testimony of the power of love and friendship is palpable when observing them. They comfort one another now in the anticipation of the inevitable parting with the HOPE and promise of heaven. It bolsters my faith when I spend time with them. We are truly blessed, you and I, as are our children to have such a heritage. I believe it is meant to be part of their inheritance as well! Pass it forward, young people. Let love endure!


  2. So very, very much!


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