Biopsy Report

This past Thursday I went in for my scheduled biopsy. We arrived at the hospital very early and once Brian got his coffee IV, we were all good. Okay, I was the one with the IV… I am so thankful for my port! God’s graciousness abounded. My nurse for the morning is one I met at my last biopsy, who prayed with our anesthesiologist and me, who I’ve developed a friendship with, has brought me a meal, and faithfully prayed for my family and me. When panic started to set in, she brought me photocopied pages of verses to calm, held our hands and prayed with us. What a gift!

The biopsy itself went well. Thanks to some high-powered drugs I don’t remember much. It was CT-guided, because it was such a tenuous place. He had to go in three times before he got what he needed. The cells did look suspicious, but he couldn’t give any kind of diagnosis until pathology had been able to study and stain it.

Yesterday I went to the cancer center for my report. My oncologist was on vacation, but she left extensive notes for one of her partners. He had clearly taken time to read my history and her notes, and immediately comforted us with the news that the biopsy was clear and looks to be just scar tissue! We talked through possible options from here, and he went ahead and gave me my normal chemo treatment leaving it up to my oncologist to make any changes if she sees the need. I will see her again in two weeks and will talk through more details with her then.

Oh, y’all, we are so thankful and relieved that it looks as though the cancer is not spreading at this point! I am tired today from chemo and exhausted from the mental and spiritual roller coaster we have been on, but we are praising our God that He chose to give us a “yes” this time.

I can’t say it enough.

Thank you for caring for us, for loving us, for encouraging us, for praying for us, for meeting our needs. It is humbling to be in a place of such neediness. Y’all are carrying our burdens for us well.

3 responses to “Biopsy Report”

  1. Chuck Keplinger Avatar
    Chuck Keplinger

    Wow. What a relief. What an answer to prayer. Another SuperHero story very articulately expressed. Thanks again for sharing and demonstrating faith in real world stress. I’m praying for a very long stress break for you all.


  2. melissa moslow Avatar
    melissa moslow



  3. Praising and thanking God for His Mercies on you.
    Isn’t it wonderful how He places His people for His purpose of
    ministering to HIS children!


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