Epic Vacation: Day Two

Saturday morning found us drinking coffee and eating muffins and sending Aunt Marni and Duncle Tim on their way to tubing Christmas in July style with their church while we packed up and headed north for a beautiful (though very long) drive next to the Susquehanna River. If Day One was any indication, it was going to be a lovely week.


We stopped in Corning, NY at the Museum of Glass. The artwork was incredible and there were lots of demonstrations of blowing glass, forming glass, and Bear especially enjoyed participating in a glass breaking demonstration. He loved receiving a beautiful glass fish for his participation! The children enjoyed the sculptures and experiments, but I found myself often finding the closest bench to crash on and there were a few times I lamented telling my parents “no” to their offer of a wheelchair for the week. My weakness can still be so overcoming.







After a few hours marveling over glass (something I never thought I’d say… yes, we are geeks), we piled in for the short drive to our destination–Watkins Glen State Park. After maneuvering Gimli through some trees (my hubby is a rock star!), we unhitched and set up. Tired and facing the decision on what to do for supper, we wearily talked through options. Do we pull out the camp stove and grab something from the fridge or do we head back down to the lodge at the base of the State Park? It was at that point the skies opened up. Rather than huddle under our awning to cook while rain blew ferociously, we piled in the car and drove down to Seneca Lodge for a delicious meal–that someone else cooked!

While the storm raged outside, we remained warm and dry filling our bellies with scrumptious food in an environment like no other–because racing and archery–why not?


The storm tapered off as we drove back to camp, and we curled up together in Gimli safe from the rains only to awaken the next morning to sunshine, glistening leaves, chirping birds and no more rain for the rest of our vacation.

Day three loomed bright and glorious…

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