Grace Wins

There is house in my hometown that sits up a little incline. I love that little house, and every time we pass by I point to it and tell my Bri, “There’s their old house.” He smiles patiently and never says, “I know, hon, you’ve told me that a thousand times.” You see, he understands. He knows how much of my heart is wrapped up in that home, or rather in the people who lived there years ago before they moved when I was seven years old. They have stayed dear to my heart ever since.

My dear, sweet, beautiful friend has faithfully walked with me from afar through our suffering. She has encouraged and prayed. She has written and cried. She has spoken truth and been silent when needed. She has sent gifts and sent love. She has never shrunk back from the hard. She has never failed to be present in my life.

A few years ago, she sent me a necklace… I only take it off for scans and the few and far between dress up times when I can’t hide it under my neckline or a chunky necklace. It is a necessary reminder of the truth I need, the truth I cling to… and of the friendship with a woman who is a Mary in my life. She sits at the feet of Jesus, soaking in truth, then sharing it with me.

Friday I opened my morning devotional and wept through these words…

So God is not discouraged in the face of our weakness and wondering. His plan is not thwarted by our spiritual vacillation. He doesn’t look at us and ask whether it’s worth it. No, in the face of our ongoing struggles, His plan marches on. Why? It marches on because it is not based on our character, but on His. Redemption does not rest on our resolve, but on His. Salvation doesn’t hang on our strength, but on His. We have hope because it all comes from Him and rests on Him. It is humbling to admit but it is the only place of hope. Nothing of our salvation depends on us. It all rests on His sovereign grace. Here is the bottom line: He is able, He is willing and He is faithful. Grace supplies everything we need. Grace will win!
(~Paul David Tripp, New Morning Mercies)


Truth, y’all.

Grace wins.

4 responses to “Grace Wins”

  1. Grace does win sweetie Thank you honey for sharing your family your up’s your downs your pain your happy times your children games for telling abut family trips thank you My prayers are with you and all of your family .Thank you again


  2. TRUTH


  3. Angie,
    Thank you so much for sharing your devotional. I needed to hear that today.


  4. Yes and Amen!


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