Good Things

Bear was my sous chef tonight. He wanted to help me because he knew how tired I was. His heart is enormous!

I cherish watching him inhale spices and exclaim over their marvelous scents. “Mom! This onion powder smells amazing! Mom, I feel like I’m in Italy with this oregano!” He blended dressings and compiled spice rubs and mixed together veggies and shredded cheese. I love watching him grasp how wonderful it is to create your own foods rather than just pour something from a pouch or a box. (An aside for any moms with young children out there–I find my children will eat the foods they were able to take part in making. I know it’s more work, and definitely more mess, but it’s so worth it. It doesn’t always work, but it’s helped teach them a love for all kinds of cuisine!)

We inhaled supper tonight. It felt so good to cook our own food. I’m beyond thankful for the meals that people bring, for the gift cards y’all have given for nights when I can’t cook. We have had several of those these past few days, and Bri has needed to use them! One of the things I miss most about my days is cooking for my family, so tonight was a gift, too. As we were clearing the table Bear said, “You know, imagine if you were back in time somewhere like Egypt or something and suddenly someone from the future came and shared this supper with them. They’d be like, ‘Whoa! That food is amazing!’” Oh, how he makes me laugh.

I was able to go get a trim today, too. I haven’t had my hair cut in a while; it just hasn’t been growing. It was relaxing having someone else wash and dry my hair. My stylist works specifically with cancer patients to help them with thinning and damaged hair. He has such a heart for us to be able to feel good about that part of our femininity, and I’m so grateful.

We read together as a family after supper tonight. In fact, we ate together tonight. I hadn’t been down to the table in a few days, so that was another gift. And then I read aloud our book we’re reading while they finished up seconds and thirds. They shared bowls of ice cream and helped clear the table. Then Bella girl read aloud the book she’s reading in school while Bear and I made an apple cinnamon oatmeal for me to bake in the morning for their breakfast.

I am stronger today, but still having pain. My blood counts were low this morning when I went for blood work, so I have to be careful of germs. And I fatigue easily. But all this… the “normalcy” of this day was beautiful.

Bella’s curled up reading now while Bri and Bear play guitar together in the living room. Ash is on his laptop working on homework in the den and Coop is sauntering from room to room trying to decide who he wants to be with. The dishwasher is humming, a candle glows on my windowsill, and a chocolate decaf coffee sits in a mug next to me. That mug has a verse on it, “He fills my life with good things.”


Yes, He does.

3 responses to “Good Things”

  1. betty Anne Schlegel Avatar
    betty Anne Schlegel

    Thinking of you and your family often. We are still prayer for God to continue giving you strength for the day and an a closeness with Him that fills your heart and soul with love and peace. With love, Aunt BA


  2. Beautiful Angie. It is a tremendous blessing to be able to see everything that is beautiful when life gets tough. You are an example to all of us! Love you, sweet friend.


  3. Yes! Yes He does.
    And I love Him for that!
    There are plenty of reasons to love God, but today, and many other days when I read your posts, I find that you are a reason I have reason to love God. And His kindness to you yesterday with these ordinary gifts He generously gave…well, it makes me so very glad and grateful to Him.


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