Oh, my Bear.

I remember those days of knowing you were a life inside me and dreaming of who you would be, of holding my hands on my belly and whispering my dreams with you.

I remember those days when I first held you, wrapped in all the wonder of your quietness and your sweet, snug softness, and praying over you with dreams your future.

I remember those days of silliness and laughter and sharing dreams of things you’d do and be as you “gwew up to be oldah.”

I remember those days of adventure and travel and sports and hearing dreams of all the things you would do and places you would go.

I remember those days of holding you close and crying together over life’s hard days and fearing for dreams we might not share.

And I remember yesterday where we snuggled together still on the couch watching flowered parade floats and talking of birthdays and school days and sharing dreams of the days to come.

Some days I wonder how my heart doesn’t explode for love of you and all you bring to this life, this world.

You’re so much better than those dreams, you know.

Happy birthday, my son.

IMG_9201 (1)

2 responses to “Dreams”

  1. Your Mother’s heart constantly touches mine. This post in your blog- I just HAD to say; so much better than those dreams. “Oh YES!”
    As a Mom, I feel that way also. But as your friend, I see how true that is in your life. You, and our children, are VERY blessed with great love.


  2. When I look at Bear’s face in the photo and also the one in the family portrait, I can “SEE the man.”
    Do you know what I mean?
    There are those times with boys when looking at them you can see the man they are becoming. The face, the features and sometimes even the personality.
    And there all those similar moments, when looking at a grown man, one can “see” the boy in him. The person he was when he was a child. The face, the gesture, even the personality of days gone by.
    Do you know what I mean?
    Today, looking at both photos of Bear I noticed “the man” in his face. The one coming in his future. The future you have blessed and sown into. He is in there, the man Bear. He is growing into his own wonderful SELF.
    And the One Who knit him together in your womb? He is the One Who, the ONLY ONE Who, will be with him every step of the way. E-V-E-R-Y. STEP.

    Blessings on your boy. The man-child you love.


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