If You Give a Mom a Water Gun

If you give a mom a water gun, she will shoot her oldest son while he’s laughing at her from his bed.

When she has shot her oldest son, she will then shoot the giggling brother in the hallway.

When she puts the gun down to fold laundry, she will find herself the target.

When she finishes dodging spray, she will have to wash the hallway window because it’s covered with water.

When she is washing the window, she will remember the book nook she’s always wanted to create next to the window.

When she finishes washing the window, she will empty the bookshelves in the play room with her sons.

When the bookshelves are empty, she will sort through them and cry while she reminisces reading them to her children.

When she’s wiped her tears, she will make stacks of books–Mercy House, attic and return to bookshelf stacks.

When she’s finished stacking, she and the boys will tear apart the end of the hallway and vacuum like mad people.

When they finish vacuuming, they will move the bookshelves from the playroom to the hallway window.

When she finishes wiping sweat from her brow, she and the boys will head to Mercy House, Target and Michael’s to buy supplies for their project.

While driving home, she will stop and buy smoothies for her boys.

When they finish shopping, they will carry a chair, pillows, rug, baskets, pictures and plants into the house and create a book nook.

And chances are, when the book nook is finished, they’ll need to cool down with water guns.

Pictures to come… I need to hang the picture and get a larger rug. I am loving the “life of leisure” as Bri calls it. *smiles*

One response to “If You Give a Mom a Water Gun”

  1. melissa moslow Avatar
    melissa moslow

    Ohhhhhhh!! I am sooooo loving it WITH you!
    It is as I hoped it would be…this MOM AT HOME season!
    Hurray! Hurrah!!!


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