“I Wait”

“I Wait”

Oh restless heart, do not grow weary
Hold on to faith and wait.
The God of love, He will not tarry;
He is never late.

So I wait in the promise;
I wait in hope.
Yes, I wait in the power
Of God’s unending love.

Be still and rest secure, my soul,
He knows what’s best for me.
Here in my patience lies the goal
To wait and trust in Thee.

Even through my imperfections
His light is shining through,
Though dim I am still a reflection
Of mercy and The truth.

(All Sons and Daughters, from their “Poets and Saints” album)

2 responses to ““I Wait””

  1. I have found recent comfort in Ruth Bell Graham’s poetry book : SITTING BY MY LAUGHING FIRE


  2. I awoke heavy

    and heavy I prayed,

    face in the sun,

    heart in the shade.

    As smoke hangs low

    on a sullen day,

    my prayer hung there…

    till I heard His voice,

    “This is the day

    that the Lord hath made;


    Psalm 118:24

    -Ruth Bell Graham, from “Sitting by my Laughing Fire


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