For today…

… simple today.

Outside my open window…birds chirping in a harmonious call and response… neighbor mowing spring’s early growth.

I am thinking…about generosity and how we are all human.

I am thankful for…children who are faithful to serve when asked, a cozy bed for after-chemo recovery, technology that connects when we can’t be together, porch swing conversations, my Brian working from home, Cooper snuggles.

From the kitchen… a yummy lunch prepped by my girl, leftovers in the fridge, pork loin waiting to be grilled.

I am wearing…yoga pants and a fleece for comfy curling.

I am creating…next week’s meal plan, a quarantine playlist, a list of new recipes to try with what we have on hand.

I am going…to stay at home. Please, if you can, do the same.

I am reading…The Secret Keeper, What We Keep, Suffering, Just Mercy and The Turquoise Table. Just kind of depends on what mood I’m in.

I am hearing…Bella-Girl singing show tunes in her room. “Just you and I defying gravity…“, the squeak of the back door as Bear opens and closes it on his way to work outside, Bri whistling, Asher talking with a friend.

Around the house…squished floor pillows, strewn socks, open windows, textbooks, disinfecting wipes, artwork and more artwork.

One of my favorite things… sharing life with friends—-bearing burdens and celebrating joys.

A few plans for the rest of the week… family game night, finishing up our Star Wars marathon, working together on house projects.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing… Taken on a walk with Bella girl. I love stained glass and steeples.

What happens matters, my friends… it all matters

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